God is on The Move.

Have you heard the 7eventh Time Down song "God is on The Move"? This past week it has been on the radio several times and often I have seen it as a break from the Christmas music, but yesterday when this song came on the radio it I heard it in a whole new way. I think we often hear songs on the radio and we sing along to it, but never really hear the words being sung. Thats what had been happening to me! While I had heard the song so many times and would sing along to it, I never really opened my heart up and heard what God was trying to tell me through the music. So often we get caught up in the beat to a song or the hook that we don't really hear what the words are to the rest of the music. Most times we are opening our hearts up to the bad thats out there with songs that have a good bass line but talk about committing sin. I often will hear young children sing a song about being in a relationship or even having sex, something they have no business knowing about or singing about, but we have allowed it into their lives as parents. I guess my question is what are we allowing in and what are we keeping out without even really thinking about it?

With me, the guys from 7eventh Time Down hold a very special place in my heart! They played here at The Edge and were some of the most humble guys; they just wanted to reach people for God. So when I hear their music on the radio, I tend to take the extra time time to listen. That's what happened this week, I listened and through the song and I heard God telling me He is on the move in me as well as The Edge. He wants to use us not only in significant way but a mighty way to reach this community, to set captives free, and to help bring more lives to His Kingdom! I encourage you to listen to the song, but don't just listen, open your heart up to hear that God wants to use you in a mighty way. 

Here is a link to the video, God is on the Move.

In Him,

Pastor Mike

Michael Wurz

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